"Over 20 years ago I took a chance with RAV. The unwavering trust that has been built over time is second to none. As a skeptic in money areas of my life with regard to human financial issues, I’ve never doubted RAV’s advising integrity."

- JoDee S.

RAV Financial is proud to announce its merger with Sequoia Financial Group, effective October 1, 2016.

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Let Life Lead

Once you uncover your purpose, and that purpose drives your life, then you can truly let life lead.

Historically, consumers have received financial advice from the transaction-side of their financial journey... brokers, bankers and insurance agents. Today, these same practitioners are known variously as finanicial planners, investment managers, wealth planning advisors and such. But even the most well-intentioned of them, in selling products, ignore the qualitative side: the heart-felt goals of the individual client.

The RAV Financial philosophy and culture – Wealth Management Architecture – is truly distinct from those typical firms marketing financial services today. We are purely fiduciary, totally objective, and directed by each client’s true needs, financial complexity and strategic life-purpose.

We begin with the basic notion that understanding your true goals, purpose and vision is essential to designing the structure of your financial life... the financial future you want to build. Once that strategic direction is quantified, only then can the “blueprint” of that plan be assembled appropriately. The professionals of RAV are skilled in listening, interpreting and responding to your personal vision with individualized planning for you and your family.

Strategy Before Tactics

Short-term decisions should always be in service of long-term objectives.

Simple common sense tells us that appropriate financial planning advice must be objective and directed to one’s own needs, financial complexity and strategic life-purpose. Financial products just aren’t designed to solve complicated financial and life-planning issues.

Unbiased Guidance

Wealth Management Architecture constructs the financial strategies in which your best life can unfold.

As a fiduciary, your interests are at the forefront of the design, implementation, and monitoring of the financial and life plan. RAV has further eliminated potential conflicts-of-interest with the annual flat-fee retainer contract. There are no products sold, commissions earned, nor asset-under-management (AUM) agreements. Transparency and full disclosure are at the root of our relationship with you.

At RAV, Wealth Management Architecture involves mutual trust, understanding and an advisor who has the courage and honesty to tell you whether your current reality can support your future dreams.

Wealth Management Architecture

RAV Financial is a singular entity in the financial services realm: an unbiased architect of financial strategies for individuals and families who believe their wealth should serve their lives' true goals as they evolve.

Our process - Wealth Management Architecture - explores your vision for the future as well as practicalities of daily life, creating a genuinely individualized "master plan" to achieve your personal financial objectives, maintain your wealth and manage your life.

In short, letting life lead.

You will enjoy the meticulous attention of the entire company, not simply an individual "planner." You will pay no commissions or assets under management (AUM) fees based on portfolio size. Instead, we charge a flat fee retainer for which you receive fiduciary guidance which places your interests - and only your interests - above all else.

  • Investment management
  • Tax preparation & planning
  • Insurance & risk management
  • Retirement planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Estate planning & administration
  • Transition planning
  • Business planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Education planning
  • Employee benefits
  • Multi-family services